"Delivering Excellence"

Company Profile

Skream Limited is a privately owned videogames company of 9 years. Formed in 2002 by Igor Cipolletta and Mat McGrotty the vision was innovation and ease of service. With videogame experience of over 20 years The Primary business was dedicated to distribution. In 2004 Skream limited launched the first videogames "trade purchasing" website which attracted over 300 Uk independent retailers.

In 2006 CEO of the Company Igor Cipolletta launched the retail website Shopto.net.

Shopto.net has since become a "first choice" for video game fanatics everywhere. With its unique operating systems allowing 5 minute dispatch, Free Next day delivery and paypal purchases, online retail has rarely been so advanced.
In 2011 Shopto was voted "Independent Retailer of the Year".

The company has seen its Turnover increase 35% year on year and is looking to expand its operations over the coming years.

Skream Ltd